How to get services.wsdl for Office 365?

In case you looking for downloading services.wsdl for Office 365 possible that you may find that is  not so straightforward.

In general services.wsdl usually located on URL:

https://server_name/ews/services.wsdl but

How to determine actual server for Office 365 mailbox?

On internet you may find such kind of solution:

— Login to your e-mail account using Outlook Web App (OWA).
— Click Options > See All Options > Account > My Account > Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access.
— In the list of entries, locate the server name

In fact it is not exactly correct, because name you will see there is – which is global alias and does not pointing to actual server:


Easiest way to find out server on which your mailbox currently located is to use MRCA (Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer).
You should select Outlook Autodiscover test which is located on “Exchange Server” tab, then press Next and you will see following form (click on image to enlarge):


Fill the form with details of your Office 365 mailbox and hit “Perform Test”. If all details were filled correctly your test will be completed within seconds (click on image to enlarge):


Then you need to find out server by expanding Test Steps->Test steps of “Attempting each method of contacting the Autodiscover service. ” -> Test steps of “Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the HTTP redirect method.” -> Test steps of “Attempting to test potential Autodiscover URL” -> Test steps of “Attempting to send an Autodiscover POST request to potential Autodiscover URLs.”

In second step you will see string similar to following: “Attempting to test potential Autodiscover URL”, where is actual server name where your mailbox is currently located.

Now you only need to put that server name to the link and open that link in browser. You will be then prompted for credentials – please use your Office 365 mailbox email address and password. If credentials are OK, you will see services.wsdl:



Please note that mailboxes are shifted between Microsoft servers and it is possible that tomorrow your mailbox will be located on another server.