Office 365: Cannot localize default folders

In Office 365 OWA it is possible to rename default folders like Inbox, Sent, Deleted, etc. to match specified language.

Sometimes you may receive following error message:

“The localization operation of the default folders of mailbox “ Exchange Hosted Organizations/” failed:Cannot localize the default folders.”

That message does not contain any explanations about possible reasons of that error.



One of the reason that can cause such error is that folder with such name is already exists. Sometimes users exporting their old folders into Office 365 and these folders have same names as default folders.

How it works:

1. Let’s say user imported folder called Входящие (Russian – Inbox) into his Office 365 mailbox:


2. Now, if you will try to translate default folders name to Russian, you will receive the error:



Solution in that case is very simple; you need just rename user folders which have same names as default folders.

Default folders which may cause that conflict are: Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Junk Email, RSS Subscriptions and Deleted Items.

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