Export Skype for Business Online ‘buddy list’

In case you migrating your user’s from one Office 365 tenant to another one (T2T Migration) you may find handy ability to quickly extract so called ‘buddy list’ from of the users. It is essentially just list of SIP addresses of user’s contacts and very often it does not have any value if there are just internal contacts. However, in case users have many external peers, loss of the buddy list may be quite painful.

The script below will allow users easily export their ‘buddy lists’.

Script relies on couple of Lync 2013 SDK assemblies, which should reside in same folder with the script. Lync/Skype for Business Online client should be running and logged with user account you want to export ‘buddy lists’ from. PowerShell must be executed in Administrator context in order to allow the script to run.

Archive below containing script and Lync SDK assemblies it uses. Please note, that some security policies configured on user’s machine, may prevent scripts from execution.


Download script and assemblies here (ZIP):