Export Skype for Business Online ‘buddy list’

In case you migrating your user’s from one Office 365 tenant to another one (T2T Migration) you may find handy ability to quickly extract so called ‘buddy list’ from of the users. It is essentially just list of SIP addresses of user’s contacts and very often it does not have any value if there are just internal contacts. However, in case users have many external peers, loss of the buddy list may be quite painful.

The script below will allow users easily export their ‘buddy lists’.

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Office 365 PowerShell Connector script with GUI

Sometimes, when managing many Office 365 tenants you need to open multiple connections to tenants and various Office 365 Services. The PowerShell script below offers quick and easy way managing your own connections to Azure AD and Exchange Online.

This is simple form-based PS script that will allow you to store connection profiles and quickly access service you need.

Warning!  Nevertheless script stores password as secure string, 
 do not store your connection profiles on publicly used computers.

Please find script and short manual below.

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Office 365: Error 500: Unable to convert regular mailbox to shared mailbox

Sometimes when you trying to convert Shared mailbox to Regular mailbox or vice versa on your Office 365 tenant you may face following error: (actually you may face the error when performing any type of mailbox conversions):

Error on proxy command 'Set-Mailbox -type: 'Shared' -Identity: 'your_alias' -Confirm:$False -Force:$True' to server DBXPR04MB205.eurprd04.prod.outlook.com: Sever version 1941996320, Proxy method PSWS: Request return error with the following error message:
The remote server returned an error: (500)
Internal Servicer Error...
+CategoryInfo :NotSpecified: (:)
[Set-Mailbox], CmdletProxyException
+FullyQualifiedErrorID : Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.CmdletProxyException,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.SetMailbox
+PSComputerName : pod51000psh.outlook.com

It seems to be internal Office 365 issue and there is no other solution other than give Microsoft a call, but in case you need convert mailboxes urgently, you may want to use following workaround:
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Office 365: 403 Sorry! Access denied


User receiving following error when trying to access Options from OWA in his Office 365 mailbox:


 Sorry! Access denied :(

 You don't have permission to open this page. If you're a new user or were recently assigned credentials, please wait 15 minutes and try again.

 You're still signed in. If you want to sign out, use the link below.
 sign out
 more info  

 Email address:
 Correlation ID:

 Client Access server name:
 Client Access server version:
 Time (UTC):

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